Do you need a post workout shake, and if so, what should you ‘TAKE’?

This topic came up multiple times recently so let me clear it up for you.

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”Anabolic Window”

Postworkout shakes were originally implemented for the so called ”post workout anabolic window”,
where you drink fast absorbing protein with some fast absorbing carbohydrates and that would help you repair and build muscle mass as quick as possible, in theory.
Obviously to promote sales of whey and other supplements pushed by the supplementindustry.
Well, the anabolic window for protein is already bunked a long time ago, so the only reason left for you to implement a postworkout shake with carbohydrates is because of the glycogen replenishment.
So let’s get into the actual problem or question. And that next question would be:

”Is glycogen replenishment important?”

and the answer is YES, but it also depends on your training style, traininprotocol and training frequency and it’s not the same for all goals.
There is not an universal rule for glycogen replenishment and nutrient timing that applies to everyone. You have to look at your individual situation, your individual goals and your specific training needs.

So who should NOT worry about it?

Should you worry about it? If you only train once a day, irrespective of what type of training you’re doing: wether it’s strength training, bodybuilding or endurance work, you DONT have to worry about glycogen replenishment. And that is because you are probably going to eat a fair number of carbohydrates over the next 12+ hours after you train. If you only train once a day (even if it’s for 2 hours straight), it’s a non-issue because if you’re eating a balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrates your glycogen is going to be replenished completely again by the time you get to your next training session. Just have a regular meal later in the day and you should be fine.

Now, who SHOULD worry about it?

Who should have a protocol for glycogen replenishment?
Glycogen replenishment becomes a problem for extreme athletes who are training multiple times a day.
And no, going #beastmode for 1 hour in the gym every day doing fluffy bodybuilding exercises does not make you an extreme athlete.
You are considered to be an extreme athlete if you train multiple times a day.
And then it doesn’t matter if you’re competitive or not. Wether they’re weightlifting twice a day, or a lot of olympic lifters who are lifting heavy up to three times a day, or people that are mixing a good amount of cardio with weighttraining in different sessions.
For people who are doing that, where they need rapid glycogen replenishment, it is different.
For example:
Someone who does weight training in the morning and 8 hours later comes back to do 2 hours of cardio. That person will be someone that benefits from getting in a decent amount of simple carbohydrates (glucose) post workout, because they need full glycogen replenishment 8 hours after that training session in order to get the most out of their next training session later that day.
So for people that are splitting up their training into multiple sessions a day it becomes a more important issue. If you’re a casual lifter, or even a hardcore once a day lifter, don’t waste your time, money and energy with these postworkout or intraworkout formula’s.
Including bcaa’s, but I’ll will save that for another video. I want to keep it short and tight. Provide you some value with a quick lesson.
Check out my full day of eating to build muscle mass where I show you what I drink post-workout:

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