DON’T Buy BCAA’s Before Watching This

So are you using BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acid) to prevent muscle breakdown during your training or any other moment in the day?
Well, you’re wasting your money, and anyone or any company that has been selling them for the last couple of years is a scammer and unethical person.
I will tell you why in this video.

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Branched Chain Amino Acids

So BCAA’s are branched chain amino acids and their purpose was to sip it during training, cardio or throughout the day to prevent muscle breakdown and constantly feed the muscles with amino acids.
You see all the influencers having their supplement ritual: pre-workout before the workout, BCAA’s during the workout to stay in an anabolic state, and a postworkout shake to recover.
Makes sense right?
It does make sense like so many other things in fitness but it’s completely false. It doesnt work like that in the real world, they offer 0 benefit, and there is a meta-analysis backing this up.
So when looked at in humans: when BCAA’s are taken by themselves (meaning: you just have those three branched chain amino acids without the whole host of other essential amino acids (which there’s 8 of them)) they don’t show any anabolic response.
And even worse what they found is that the total net protein synthesis and turnover was reduced.

How It Works

In order to have a benefit from BCAA’s you need to have all the other amino acids present, in the same ratio’s. Meaning: if youre just adding BCAA’s to your diet without adding subsequent amounts of all the other amino acids there’s no anabolic response, no muscle growth, ZERO.
The only way you benefit from bcaa’s is if you take in the other amino acids in subsequent amounts, which means:
you would have to actually have an amino acid supplement that contained all the essential amino acids (in the right balance) with the branched chain amino acids to get any benefit.
But you know what? why do we need a product for this? That’s the same as regular food protein source, you end up with food. You can just eat a piece of chicken, steak, soy, dairy or whatever and have all the benefits. Food is better than this product.
BCAA’s serves no purpose, it serves no benefit.

BCAA’s While Fasting

So you shouldn’t gain any muscle at all from this and in some cases you would gain less muscle from this.
And there’s an objection of: well they help with intermittent fasting to blunt the catabolic responses while being fasted’’
well no, bcaa’s don’t help with muscle gains and if a product doesn’t help with muscle gains it doesn’t help with muscle retention either. You have to understand the relation between the anabolic and catabolic state.
This has been shown by a meta-analysis. For those that are unaware. a meta-analysis is when scientists look at all the studies and scientific research done on a certain topic together, it’s the closest thing you’re going to get to a consensus on something . it’s like the pinnacle of research.
The meta analysis has been public for a year now. The meta analysis, the contradicting studies have been going on for years.

Supplement Companies, Sponsored Athletes, Influencers

Now this is the really important thing I want to talk about…Listen:
If you sell a dietary supplement (like BCAA’s in this example), and you consider yourself an ethical person, you should be completely up to date with the latest data thats available of the product, ingredients and studies, would you agree?
Let’s assume a product (like bcaa’s) is brought on the market based on scientific research that was available at that time. (this rarely happens but lets assume the shady supplement companies have good intentions)
Now, If you’re an ethical person and you sell supplements, you would do everything to stay up to date with the latest research of the products that you sell, and as soon as there is a meta-analysis coming out literally saying that BCAA’s don’t do anything for you if you take it as a supplement on its own, you should discontinue the production of the product, stop sales and possibly making a public announcement saying something like:
‘’I’m really sorry but the newest research suggests that BCAA’s do not help you with your fitness goal, the claims on the labels are not true, they were at the time I brought them out but those are outdated studies, we will no longer sell this product and you shouldnt buy the product from anywhere else either’’.
That’s what an ethical person would do, right? That’s what the person would do because they want to provide real value to his or her customers, and if a product doesn’t work, you’re not providing value, you’re then misleading and lying’’.
Have you ever seen such an announcement? Have you ever seen someone that said ‘’I was wrong’’?
No you haven’t, because each and every one of the companies and individuals that sell supplements are scammers.
The meta-analysis was public since 2015 and many followed after that.
Since then, only a few experts no longer promote bcaa’s after the meta-analysis came out.
But the truth has been available for many years and everyone is still selling BCAA’s.
And this includes all the sponsored athletes that promote the products, because they get a commission and its still selling a product.
They’re liars, they do not value the truth and simply reject any reason and evidence. And values and principles like these are universal, so if they can pull this off with selling a supplement, they are definitely not trustworthy as a whole.
And if a supplement company lies about 1 product for years, what makes you think they won’t lie about their other products. Think about that.

Practical Advice:

Stop buying BCAA’s and save yourself the money to buy real food, and you will still have money left over.
Also, if you’re looking up to someone, some athlete, some influencer. Go to their social media or website and see if they endorse BCAA’s, see if they drink it, take it, promote it, or are associated with a company that heavily promotes it.
If so, consider them as dishonest people that do not care about the truth and do care about providing you with real value, they rather lie to you and sell a product or get a commission than caring about you and telling the truth.
This will become a series by the way: calling out all the supplement scams that do not work, and which you definitely should not buy.
There will be a link in the description with a link to the playlist.
The next supplement scam video you should watch is about pre-workouts, and as you probably already have guessed: they don’t work.

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