So, The most common asked questions I get is ”hey i want to put on some muscle and get stronger, whats the easiest way?” or
”I want to gain some weight, how do I do that?” or ”what do i do? I just got a gym membership”.

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So, The most common asked question I get is ”hey i want to put on some muscle and get stronger, whats the easiest way?” or
”I want to gain some weight, how do I do that?” or
”what do i do? I just got a gym membership”.
I’m pretty sure this is the first question asked by like 50% of all beginners.
The other 50% would be: ”How do I lose some belly fat?”
Which I have a complete weight loss guide for. Available for free on my website:
Speaking about guides, just like the free complete weight loss guide, I will create a similar free guide for building lean muscle including a workout plan that will go much more in-depth than this video.


In this article I will give you an in-depth answer to your question. I will tell you what to do if you want to easily build muscle and strength.
We will cover how to easily put on muscle mass and strength as a beginner in 3 steps:
  1. Commitment
  2. Training
  3. Nutrition.
Listen, this is important:
You HAVE to follow the steps in this order. Start with step 1 and dont leave it out, okay? Because you will fail horribly otherwise. Im serious.
The first thing you have to do (this is what nobody wants to hear),
But, The absolutely FIRST thing you have to do, is make up your mind, decide WHAT you want and then COMMIT to that thing that you want.
If you dont do this, dont even start because youre going to fail big time. I’m not saying that to discourage you, Im saying that to help you.
Also, I’m not saying you have to go all-in, hardcore, that you become a male or female fitness model with veins all over you and sacrifice your current lifestyle. Absolutely not.
I said the first thing is, decide WHAT you want and be precise about it: There is no right or wrong answer here.
Decide if you just want to get a little healthier, if you want to put on some muscle mass and strength, or if you want to take it it to the next level and go all in to achieve that crazy physique or strength goal.

Example Scenario:

I cannot cover every scenario. So lets use most asked question: ”I want to gain weight, put on some muscle and get stronger” 
and then for this video we will create an example life scenario that most can relate with:
You have a busy life; work, partner, friends, maybe kids, maybe youre playing world of warcraft like I used to, but you want to develop your body a little, you want to put on some muscle mass, gain some quality weight, some strength.
You’re tired of being skinny. So you want to get stronger and have some muscle mass, as much as you can, BUT with the least amount of time spent on it. You don’t want to completely change your life and sacrifice everything. So, youre fine with: ”I want the most results I can get with putting in only a few hours a week”. 


Lets say 5 hours a week for this example. This is your goal and objective. As soon as you know what you want, COMMIT to it. Say it to yourself, write it down, I like writing down goals, make it real:
”I’m living the life I want while putting on all the muscle and strength I can with the minimum investment of 5 hours a week.”
Now, you made that commitment, dont lower your target.
Keep the promises you make to yourself and this will also build up your self-confidence.
This is very important.
Because thats how you create self-confidence: You establish a reputation with yourself.
You keep the promises you make to yourself.
So if you want to build your self-confidence to feel more competent in your fitness journey in the future, start with committing to a goal.


And I want to emphasize the importance of self-confidence. I’m going on a sidetrack a little but stay with me on this one, its really important. It will click. Let’s take another easy example for self-confidence that anyone can think of, and symphatize with:
You want to better your life and you decide to wake up at a fixed time everyday instead of hitting the snooze button in the morning.
(i’m pretty sure nobody is proud of hitting the snooze button).
The night before you promise yourself:  ”hey i’m going to kick ass, 2018 is mine, im going to get up at 6 from now on and do something productive with my day.” 
You know whats going to completely destroy your self-confidence? Waking up the next morning and your unmotivated ass hitting the snooze button.  You cannot even keep a promise to yourself about something as simple as going from a laying position to a standing position.
What makes you think you can keep the promise of working out a couple times a week and changing the way you eat.
It’s an example! But people do this all the time: saying to themselves they’re going to do something and then dont. So its really about the reputation you have with YOURSELF. Self-confidence is like a muscle, you train it, you build it up over-time.  The more you keep the promises you make to yourself, the more you think you are capable of doing bigger things in life.
Let me explain why I’m talking about self-confidence in this building muscle video. Some of you might think “what the hell are you talking about stefan” In this example we’re talking about a beginner. And remember what I just said: You destroy your self-confidence by promising stuff to yourself, saying you are going to do something, and then not do it. And so if you dont have that self-confidence, you’re very unlikely to take on new challenges in your life. And for a beginner, this right here (the goal and objective we just made up). IS A CHALLENGE.
So again. how this links with this muscle building example is: If you dont get the commitment part right and you fall off your commitment, you are very likely to completely give up on:transforming your body in the future, on building muscle, on losing fat, on staying healthy, because you tried it once in the past and ”it didn’t work”. How many times have you heard that phrase?
Prevent this stuff from happening because not having self-confidence will make your life and fitness journey 10 times harder.
If you’re a beginner I dont just want to tell you how to train and eat,
but also how to stick your goal, because I want you to get in shape and get healthy, but also live a lifestyle like that for the rest of your life.
instead, what you want to do, is:
reinforce your commitment every day and every week.
Talk to yourself, tell yourself that you’re keeping the promises that you made: ”hey I promised dadadaa and we’re still doing it.” 
all of sudden, you get confident and take on new challenges, whatever that might be, might be in fitness, might be somewhere else.
Alright thats my mini-rant, or segway on self-confidence.


Now we got step 1 out of the way. Step 1 is commiting, the hardest part. Step 2 is the strategy itself.
We’re still going with the example question: ”I want to gain weight, put on some muscle and get stronger”
We made the commitment: ”I’m living the life I want while putting on all the muscle and strength I can with the minimum investment of 5 hours a week.”
Lets get our training and nutrition in check:
First training:
You’re going to workout 2, 3 or 4 times a week. You don’t need any more as a beginner. Decide how many times you are going to workout, this is still part of the commitment.
Once you decide you workout 3 times, you stick to it.
Dont go 4 times one week, 2 times the next and 3 times the week after that. COMMIT.
Remember that we have 5 hours and that includes trips to the gym and everything around it so we’re going with 3 times a week.
You’re going to do 3 fullbody workouts a week and we want to spend the least amount of time.
So when we are in the gym, we want to be as efficient with our time as possible.
So we’re not going to do 4 isolation exercises with 4 sets each per musclegroup, you dont have time for that because you have your life and the 5 hour commitment in this example.
So we use heavy basic barbell lifts to use your whole body (these are better anyways) and use your body as 1 unit.

Your Body Is Not A Stack Of Lego’s…

See this is where a lot of people go wrong: Especially in the bodybuilding world, but it also trickles down to the mainstream gym-go’ers with ‘bodypart splits”. These people see your body as a stack of lego’s. Your body is NOT a stack of lego’s.
You have to see and develop your body as 1 strong unit, and it works as 1 unit that cannot be taken apart except for when you bring a saw into the occasion.
And if you try to develop it like a stack of lego’s, isolating 1 musclegroup at a time, you’re going to F your shit up, because your body will not learn how to use it as one unit, under heavier loads.
Stick to the following exercises (or a variation of them): squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, barbell row and chinups.
all with a barbell (except the chinups).
Get stronger on these and after this you can do some isolation exercises for bodyparts that you think are lagging from an aesthetic point of view.  How youre going to look from doing just these basic exercises is predetermined by your genetics, so if you have poor arm genetics like me, and you have some time left, do a few curls and lying tricep extensions.
The fullbody workoutplan “ I “ recommend will be inside the free muscle building guide on my website.


Next up is nutrition: Still going with this example, And I’m going to make an assumption for the ease of this video: you’re skinny but you’re maintaining your weight.
We’re also still going with the 5 hours a week commitment, so you dont want to spend too much time on nutrition. Thats fine, its your life, your commitment, i’m here to help you.
I will tell you what you have to do in order to grow with the least amount of time spent on nutrition. If you’re maintaining your weight with the things you eat right now, dont change anything. I’m going to make it easy for you. Continue what you’re eating right now and we’re going to add some things. If you want to grow, the primary concern is calories. Because it doesnt matter what you eat, if you dont eat enough you will simply not grow.
So we already know you maintain your weight, so the ONLY thing we have to do is ADD something and you will grow like cabbage.
(We have to keep in mind that you are also going to start working out 3 times a week, that will burn some energy so this will require some extra calories)
Here are the steps and rules that you are going to follow:
if you are lactose intolerant, go to step 2.
If you are NOT lactose intolerant, add in a liter a whole milk every day.
Drink it in 1 sitting or drink half with breakfast, other half before bed, for example. Just get it down everyday.
Thats 700 calories of nutrient dense food.
You continue this for 2 weeks and then ask yourself: Did your weight increase? Yes? Then stick to this plan and dont add anything more.
Your weight didn’t increase? go to step 2. Obviously you have to use a scale for this. You cannot simply ask your body so you need to weigh yourself and track your progress. Inside the muscle building guide there will be videos included on how to track everything, very important.
Add in 2 bananas everyday.
On training days 30mins before your workout. On restdays whenever you like. thats another 300 calories. So 1000 calories in so far.
You continue this for 2 weeks, and then you ask the same question again: Did your weight increase? Yes? Don’t change anything. No? go to step 3
Create and drink your own weightgainer shake filled with oatmeal, whole milk, fruit and optionally whey.
So take a blender and throw in:
  • 160gr of oats
  • 1L of whole milk
  • 1 piece of fruit of choice (whatever taste you prefer)
  • And a scoop of whey optionally
Mix it up and divide it over 2 shakers. Thats an easy 1300 calories. Drink it in 1 sitting or 2 or sip it throughout the day, whatever you like.
I prepare and drink that exact shake in my “full day of eating to build muscle” video.
Well, I use different quantities but the concept is the same. So watch that video next if you want to see how to prepare this meal.


And that would be enough for all the beginners to get started.
If your weight keeps increasing along with the strength in the gym, your muscles are growing, it’s that simple.
Now, If you were at step 1 and you gained weight for like 2 months but then it stagnated? Move to step 2.
Same goes for step 2. Just keep moving up if your weight stagnates.
Thats it. Those are the steps. Implement all of these simple steps and after that it simply comes down to patience and persistence.
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