Meet Stefan Lamers

Hi, I’m Stefan Lamers, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

My mission is to take men and turn them into fit, strong, athletic leaders that are performing at their highest level, and have a phenomenal life.
With a new identity, new set of beliefs, new set of habits, new set of standards, and building the new body that comes with it.
Free men from all the false beliefs about restrictive dieting, cardio, supplements and ineffective workouts.

That’s a lot more specific than just ‘’weight loss’’ right?
And that is because I want to create lasting life-long change in people. Not a quick weight loss fix that’s just a bandage on a deeper wound.

So, what is my story?

As you can see I went through quite a transformation. Multiple ones over the years. Not just physical but also mental. My whole life changed for the better.

A lot of people think ‘’oh he is in shape already and makes everything looks easy, he is probably born like that and I totally can’t relate to him. He never walked in my shoes.’’

Let’s get into where I started.

8 years ago – skinny

So here it all begun, skinny shy kid that quit soccer, joined the gym to stay active (secretly wanting to get big but didn’t want to tell anybody that).

And even though I looked skinny and you could see my ribs, I still had a belly with no definition and was looking soft with zero muscle mass or strength.

I then got into training, wanting to change my physique and life. I was motivated, ready to do anything, and so I followed all the things the fitness industry told me to do… for the next 2 years.

Became skinny-fat

So I was training for 2 years here. Motivated as hell. I dedicated everything to it:

  • Spend 50 to 100 euros a month on supplements,
  • Followed a strict meal plan with the most plain boring meals,
  • Followed split workout routines from the bodybuilders I watched on youtube and in magazines. (i.e.: chest on Monday, back Tuesday, etc)
  • Training 5-6days a week for 1.5h
  • Put a lot of mental and physical restrictions on myself. Didn’t want myself to enjoy anything, didn’t go out or have fun. I thought the more I sacrifice the better results I get.

Even though I gained weight and got a little stronger, I wasn’t making much progress.
And so on a lot of evenings, I would be scrolling online through supplement shops thinking:
‘’what else could benefit me?, Come on there must be something else’’

Not even based on science, just based on emotion and being naive;“oh it ‘might’ work and help 1%? I’ll have 5 of those bottles please”

I was that desperate for physical change.

I was also overthinking a lot: sitting at home and biting my nails on random nights, thinking:

”20 grams more protein or less…? 1 set more or less on this exercise…? What if I add a banana to my breakfast that could be the difference because so and so does it…? or I have my post-workout shake in the gym instead of 5 minutes later at home…?

Thinking back it was so irrational and crazy.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was time for change. I had nothing to lose anyways.

It was time to break free from these chains. Right?

So, I took a scientific approach instead of being naïve and following every bodybuilder and fitness model.

  • Starting with self-development/mindset work. Got into philosophy
  • Changed up nutrition approach completely, no more restrictive diets.
  • Changed up training approach, no more training splits.
  • Quit spending $100’s on supplements

And my progress finally just skyrocketed.

…guess what?

The further I got away from what the fitness industry tells you to do, the more I did the complete opposite,
…the better results I got!

How crazy is that?

Thats when I realised it wasn’t my fault!
It’s because of the scams and lies in the fitness/supplement industry. So No wonder I was struggling.

For years, they wanted me to believe that you have to do all these crazy things.
Now, When I figured out that all of that wasn’t true or even remotely effective (unless you’re on a bunch of drugs like all of the top fitness people), I was then finally able to break of their chains and get the results I deserved, and that you deserve.

I stuck to that path, kept working on myself and never fell for any scam or hype from the fitness industry again.

Perfecting My Craft

Here is where we are today.

  • Build up my physique
  • Build up my strength
  • Feeling confident
  • Energised
  • New identity
  • New standards and beliefs
  • New mental approach to everything in life

And I might be considered too big for some men and I would agree, but it’s not about that. It’s about that I have a body that I love, that when I look in the mirror I’m satisfied with the way I look.

Are you satisfied right now when you look at yourself in the mirror?

You can be satisfied with less muscle mass, or maybe you want to get more muscle mass. There is no right or wrong answer to that. That’s your personal goal. As long as your life is improved because of it, right?

Ready To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life?

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If we are a good fit we will end up working together on bridging your gap between your current situation and your desired situation using our proven Athletic For Life program.

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