Alright, so I’m just starting my cutting phase.
I’m going to slightly lean out in the upcoming 6 weeks. So let’s go over my plan and how I will approach this.
Starting weight is 103kg. I will edit in some posing footage for you guys to see the ”before”. In 6 weeks I expect to be a leaner version of 95kgs.
I’m only cutting for no longer than 6 weeks because I want to minimize the loss of muscle and performance. The faster you cut (or the longer you cut), the more muscle you will lose.

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Opportunity Cost

And don’t forget about the opportunity cost of cutting for like 20 weeks.
That term is used in the financial world like if you pay a house down in 1 payment you have to take that cost and add the opportunity cost of, if you were to invest the same amount of money instead at a 10% return let’s say.
Anyways. If you slowly cut for 20 weeks.
You might think you minimize muscle loss but you are forgetting about the potential muscle gains you could have made,
if you did a slightly faster cut for 10 weeks and went into a lean bulking phase for the other 10 weeks.
So you take the muscle mass you would lose anyways in the 20 weeks and ADD the potential muscle mass you COULD have gained on top of that.
So, the Opportunity cost….Does that make sense?

Why Lean Out?

The reason I want to lean out is because my body fat is climbing up too high for me, and I want to stay somewhat lean.
Besides the aesthetic point of view, Staying lean gives you the benefit of not having to carry around extra bodyweight.
And it will let you grow muscle mass again without puting on as much bodyfat. Okay? Because the more fat you carry around, the easier you will gain even more fat if you want to build muscle. Because the fat tissue will also feed itself on the extra calories. So I’m try to stay lean, grow while being lean and not having to carry around unneccessary bodyweight.

My Cutting Plan

So the plan is: I’m going to start off with eating the exact same thing as my muscle building diet that I show in my ”Full Day of Eating to build muscle” video. The only thing we’re going to do is remove some things.
So the muscle building diet was:
  • eggs, noodles, bananas and milk for breakfast
  • rice and beef for meal #2
  • pre and postworkout shakes
  • and 2 thick delicious shakes as my last 2 meals.
I’m going to apply the same steps I recommend in my weight loss guide. That is available on my website for free, check the description for a link.
So to remove some calories I’m going to remove:
  • 1 banana at breakfast (100-150kcal)
  • dextrose preworkout and chocolatemilk postworkout (740kcal)
  • 1 liter of whole milk (600kcal)
new kcal and macro total is around:
3500 kcal
200 Protein
450 Carbs
100 Fat
This may seem like a lot for some people but remember I’m doing cardio every single morning, and workout 6 times a week with heavy barbell lifts, so the maintenance calories are pretty high. I will keep this up until my fat loss stagnates and then I will decide what the next step will be. I currently have 2 options in my head, depending on how I feel and look, I will either stay on the same mealplan and remove some additional calories in the form of carbs.
OR I completely change up the meals, and switch the shakes for 2 or 3 extra rice and beef meals.
It depends on how I feel, how I look, how I perform and how my appetite is. So I will keep you guys updated on the process and the next steps.
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You will start to understand how weight loss works, and how simple it actually is, and how I apply the same exact steps.

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