Are you drinking enough water?
And are you drinking enough consistently, every single day?
In this video I will tell you how important it is to hit your daily water intake target and how you can EASILY hit your target.

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Importance of Water

Listen, water is so important, most of your body is made up from water.
The more you saturate your body with water, the more energy you will have, the better you will feel, the better you will perform and the better you will look.
Your muscles will look fuller, you will hold less water, you will look more ripped, you will be stronger, but the MOST important benefit is that you will have more energy, you will feel energized, this is a life-changer, because impacts everything in your day.
The problem with most people is that they never have enough water around them, so they go for whatever is quick, or drink nothing at all.

Water Intake Rule of Thumb

I’m creating a simplified general rule a thumb here to make this as easy as possible for you: If you’re a woman, drink half a gallon (or 2liters) of water a day, If you’re a man, drink a gallon (or 4liters of water a day). Drinking things like tea, milk or any fruit juice also counts towards this fluid intake. Just make sure your fluid intake doesn’t only consist of that.

Creating Habits

This may seem like a lot but if you create fixed habits of how you consume your water and fluids it’s really easy.
For example: Drink 1 liter of water right after you wake up. This is already 1/4th of your daily intake. Women divide this by 2 obviously.
Right before you go to bed: drink another liter.
Now you’re already half way there without even wasting a single second on thinking about water throughout the day.
If you’re working out that day, you can count 1L towards your daily intake target, for women half.
I expect and would recommend that you drink double that amount during your workout because you’re sweating, but anything you drink extra after the amount you sweat you can just count towards you daily water intake target.
Now we’re at 75% of our daily target and we didn’t even have to think or worry about our intake. It’s all included in these habits that only take a few seconds.

Easy Tips to consume more water:

The way you consume the last 25% of water (1L for men, 0,5L for women) is up to you.

1) If you’re doing daily walks, like the ones I recommend in other videos: carry a water bottle with you to consume throughout your walk, make sure it’s empty by the time you’re back.
2) With (or after) every meal have a glass of water (or tea)
3) Have multiple filled-up water bottles layed out in your house and workspace.
It’s very likely to be reminded and to take a few sips if you always have a water bottle within reach.
These are a few possibilities.
Use any of these, or a mix of them, or if you have another convenient solution for yourself,
Be my guest.
And that’s it.
Drink before going to sleep, drink after you wake up, drink a little bit extra during your workout and fill in the last bit.
Drink more and watch yourself look better, feel better and perform better.

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